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Wasp crochet sculpture installation in the water

Evidence: found, fabricated, altered. My work comes from the intertidal zone of my native coast, the south shore of Nova Scotia, Canada, at the edge of the North Atlantic Ocean. I harvest from what I find there, washed ashore. 

My practice is rooted in drawing, encompasses printmaking, collection, and the manipulation and fabrication of objects. It allows for obsessive sculptural crochet projects.


It acts as a short-hand for my take on the universe; lab notes; a compulsive kind of journal entry, and perhaps, a distillation of accumulated knowledge.  It wanders suggestively between male and female.

Although much of my focus in recent years has been on creating sculptural works in a variety of media, I continue to produce work on paper (drawing and print).

Both my print work and my sculptural work wash back and forth between my organic and my socio/cultural preoccupations. There is an integral and reciprocal relationship between the drawing/print work and the sculpture.

I split my time between my two studios, in downtown Toronto, and on a rural stretch of the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

I believe in the essential value, and in the ultimate futility of work.

© 2015 Doug Guildford

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